Our Roots

Derek Rudel is a professional creative person with 10+ years of experience in print, digital and branding design in locations ranging from Philadelphia and Chicago, to Boise. He founded Rudel Creative Co. with three goals in mind:

  1. Create Visual and Experiential Solutions to enhance the project or idea of an organization, business or individual.
  2. Work with those whose vision is driven by strong values that make a positive impact on the world.
  3. Create a network of creative people who can collaborate, while still maintaining their own book of business.

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Our Process

At the core, every project will navigate through our 4 step process from the time a proposal is agreed on, to when the final invoice is sent. This might look like months, or it could be a matter of weeks. Either way, we aim to make things simple and painless for our clients.

1. Concept

At this point we’ve already had a chat about your goals, and what you want your project to accomplish. This is where we dive in and start getting our hands dirty. Think research, planning, production schedules and open conversations. We’ll take a first pass at conceptualizing the solution and present our idea to you for approval to begin developing things further.

2. Development

Once we have your buy-in of the concept, we’ll want to work through the details and really start refining toward a final product. This is where we’ll work out the kinks and things all start coming together. We’ll meet to review, and you’ll take a little bit to look things over and come back to us with any tweaks.

3. Revision

We’re almost there! We’ve taken our project from an idea to something tangible. If we were 100% on, and there aren’t any tweaks, we’ll push on the next step. If we still have some edits to make, we’ll put the finishing touches on during this second to last phase.

4. Finalization + Delivery

It’s show time! You’ve signed off on everything and we’re ready to share our creation with the world. We’ll prepare you with everything you need, from file formats to passwords. The last thing the project requires now is a toast to a job well done! Cheers!

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